True Faith Leaves a Legacy

Pausing and with a low voice, she leaned in “Do you want to read the bible with me?” She sparked a wildfire and this dear friend had no idea.

Glory to God for moments that ignite the rest of our lives. Years later I am a Christian writer married to a bold evangelist, leading young adults to find the depths of their faith in a world bent on luring them to sinful mediocrity.

My friend is beautiful – breath taking. She is tall, Latina, with gorgeous thick long wavy hair, and a style all her own. But invisible to those around us that night she shared a higher beauty with me. Humbly, she stepped aside and let the light of Christ shine as she passed the torch on to unqualified, shattered, tear-stained-face, busted little me. Was it something about me? Doubt it. Was it what I said? What could make her trust enough to ask me such a charged question in a busy restaurant?

I know in my soul that the beauty she was sharing with me was the legacy of her faith, which existed before she was born, and will extend beyond her last days.


From Abraham to Isaac, Jacob, Joseph and Moses, true, sincere faith is bigger than any one person and any one generation. C. S. Lewis wrote long ago, and has passed long ago. Yet Christians, atheists, and searchers still come to Christ, still take hold of the faith through his words decades after his death. Our history reminds us: we are not alone, and we do not live for ourselves. There is a greater purpose Abraham was after, and a bigger plan Joseph endured for.


Could you imagine? You are a child, and your dad, who is supposed to protect you, takes you to the mountain, ties you up, and nearly stabs you to death. Nothing personal. Yet somehow, you grow up accepting the same belief system you once nearly died by. Radical faith is memorable. Not reckless, non-sensical faith, but radical faith. Listen up: There is a difference. Radical faith is complete trust in and obedience to God with your life. Reckless faith is forcing God’s hand at what he has not blessed.

Abraham’s radical faith made a lasting impact on Isaac. This radical faith is a current so powerful, its reach extends beyond human limits. This was the legacy my lovely friend passed on.


In a world that hates the name of Christ, where even mentioning his name brings division, censoring, and even violence, my friend extended a part of herself she had not shared before. She risked losing our friendship.

At the moment, I found it so odd. It felt like a train wreck I could not turn away from. What the…? She is so weird. What a Jesus freak… yet even in her hesitation, she seemed at peace, unsure about my response but secure in her message. I could not help but stay, intrigued by what she saw in her old Bible that she just HAD to share.

Life came at me from the pages of that Bible. It was exactly what was meant to happen, and how did I not ever see what I was missing? How did I forget Jesus, who I prayed to, cried to every night as a young girl? How could I have so completely forgotten about my first love?

In reality, it was not her faith that brought me back to life. It was God’s outrageous love. But for those first few months, her faith became my faith. It was like she let me borrow her confidence, until I had grown belief of my own. God’s grace carried us through the awkwardness of our discipleship. “No sex before marriage, no drunkenness”…even pride was a sin. She knew I was a rebel, and with conviction she carried on. 


What would our world be like if we sought daily to offer that kind of beauty? Let’s seek to pass the torch, the baton, on to the next young woman. Daughter of the most high: You are a city on a hill, not to be set aside or hidden, but to smile, intrigue, and offer the healing love of Christ.

As we go through this life – this short 100-meter dash that is our life contribution to the generational relay race – I ask myself and I ask you:

  • Is your life passing on the faith?
  • Does your faith reflect trust in your personal relationship with Christ himself?
  • Is your faith radical, or too tame to be remembered? Are you worried your faith will be proven wrong or do you obey and leave the rest to God?

Sister: You are a city on a hill. A gorgeous creation that grabs the attention of those around you. What will you use it for? His Glory, or yours? I challenge you to take a risk and let Him reach others through you.

“You are the light of the world. A city set on a hill cannot be hidden. Nor do people light a lamp and put it under a basket, but on a stand, and it gives light to all in the house.  In the same way, let your light shine before others, so that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father who is in heaven.

Matthew 5:14-16


Think of one person in your life who needs Jesus. Just one. Who has God put in your heart? You don’t have to worry about making anything happen. Just make plans to spend time with them…then pray that God opens a door and leave the rest to Him, in His timing.


How have you shared the beauty of your faith? Has someone shared their faith with you? Comment below!

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