The One Question We All Need Answered

Do you think it would be weird if I told you… I want you to know me?

Being known is the purpose and benefit of our relationships, and curiously enough, that is the very same reason we are so afraid of a true connection. If you really knew me, would you still like me? Could you love me?  Am I even worth the time and trouble? Each of us may ask a slightly different way, but at the end of the day, we all have the same question.

There is only One who can fully and truly answer that question for you.

Jesus knows you. He created you, so He KNOWS you, and he loves you. He knows your deep weaknesses and profound beauty. He knows the things your spouse or best friend can only begin to know in the span of a lifetime together, and he knows your heart even better than you do.

You and I, we were created through Him. He decided to mold each of us exactly as we are. He loves the things we love about ourselves, and He loves those things we hate about ourselves. 

He knows that at times, you will hurt him, ignore him, forget him, and push him away. And yet he loves you in every one of those moments.

He knows all of you and He loves all of you

Stop and let that settle in your heart (consider meditating on Psalm 139:13-14). Then go out into the world completely satisfied in His love for you, and make time to know and love others as He loves you!

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